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Welcome to Cara Stone, LLP’s Venture and Angel Capital Report

Cara Stone, LLP (“Cara Stone”) is pleased to present the Venture and Angel Capital Report (the “Report”), which will cover venture and angel capital activity in the almost every state in the U.S.. The Venture and Angel Capital Report was started in Louisiana and quickly became the definitive analytical document gauging the health and activity of venture and angel deal activity in the state. Government departments, economic development groups and legislative bodies responsible for incentivizing venture and angel deals use the Report to inform policy. Companies and investors use the Report to benchmark deal terms and investment strategies in deals.

Vibrant, high-growth companies continue to emerge from markets that may be overlooked by the traditional coastal ecosystems. Until now, we believe there has been a lack of information on the venture capital landscape in these markets. This report was designed to give companies, investors and policy makers insight into the deals taking place in their market, the natural clusters that are forming, and the trends that are emerging over time. We invite you to click around to explore venture and angel capital deals by state.

We’ve gathered data from a variety of public and private sources in every state in the U.S. We’re currently validating the data, and as soon as it has been reviewed by our team, we will publish it to our site. We’re adding new states daily, so check back with us often. If you want to be notified when your states data goes live, join our email list here.

We work to support growing companies and love to work with companies, investors, accelerators, incubators, policy makers, and everyone else who supports the entrepreneurial community. If you have any questions, want more in-depth information, or want to talk more about venture and angel capital landscape near you, contact us here.

Who is Cara Stone

Cara Stone was formed in 2016 by Graffagnini, A Law Corporation and several other partners to establish a tradition of excellence in corporate financing transactions. Over the past three years, the firm has established itself as one of the leading capital markets firms in the U.S. The firm is widely considered by many to be the top provider of corporate financing services in the realm of angel and venture capital and private equity. The firm has locations in New Orleans, Chicago, Lafayette, Los Angeles and Spokane. The firm will continue to expand to emerging capital markets to help those ecosystems develop stronger entrepreneurial systems and to continue to serve as a bridge to Silicon Valley and East Coast investors looking for the best companies in the small and mid-sized markets. Learn more at .


Cara Stone, LLP sources data from a variety of sources, public, private and other. Although we believe that this data is accurate, Cara Stone, LLP does not warrant it’s accuracy or fitness for any particular purpose and all use is subject to these terms.

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